Malaysia is honoured to host one of the most important energy events of the year - Green Energy Asia, an integrated event combining an expo and regional symposium. The show will feature the very latest in renewable energy systems and technology, and will also present excellent opportunities for companies to capitalise on the many diverse and exciting business opportunities that are developing alongside the green energy revolution.

As fuel prices rise and oil insecurity grows, concerns about pollution, water and climate instability cast a shadow over global stability. This has led to the emergence of a new world energy economy, powered by wind, solar and other sources. Fortunately, the earth's resources are vast and are waiting to be tapped. The opportunities for business are therefore enormous. And, just as in the past, money may prove to be the catalyst... and the turning green into gold will follow. (read more)

GREEN ENERGY ASIA 2014 is the place to get started. The event is geared to helping business take advantage of multiple opportunities, and government assistance is often available. Mark your calendar now to be in Kuala Lumpur for June 2014 to learn how to turn green... into gold. (read more)